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Introduction to Film Study

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Introduction to film form (including style and narration), different types of films, and popular approaches to the study of cinema. Topics include: narrative cinema, documentary, <em>avant-garde</em>, genre, authorship, ideology, and representation.

 Why the fuck are random TA's seemingly shilling this "OneClass" course notes site?

Are you sure they are TAs? Portal by default allows students to email their entire class, omitting the instructors. This was an issue a few years ago, with students being hired to solicit unbeknownst to the instructors. The university's solution was to have instructors deactivate this setting in Portal, but it's been long enough that new instructors might not know better, or older instructors have forgotten.

 Which classes do you think have the best/coolest people?

It might just be me, I loved CIN105 as a course but I hated the people who were in my tutorial who were in post.\n\nThey came off as pretentious and condescending when it came to discussion and they frequently snickered when someone said something that they didn't necessarily agree with or wasn't correct.

 how to choose a course to NOT enroll in

Wouldn't you just check how many people are enrolled and choose to wait on the course with the most spaces left?

 what course that you took are you most thankful for?

- MAT257: killed my GPA, but really deepened my understanding of math\n\n- RLG101(UTM): I'll never look at movies the same. In the first half of the course we studied theories of religion and applied them to two movies. Readings were dry, but was fun overall.\n\n-PHL210: because Berkeley, Descartes and Kant\n\n-PHL345: New found love for abstract logic\n\n-PHL232: taking it currently: realized I really love epistemology (slightly more than metaphysics ATM)\n\n-CSC373: taking it currently: the first cs course I actually like

 Do we need to take English First Year

You don't even have to take anything from br1 if you don't want to.

 Thoughts about CIN105?

nice! it’s a great course and they show you to some really interesting movies. \n\nthe first half of the course goes over film techniques like cinematography, acting. the second half goes over more theoretical stuff like genre, auteurism, stardom. ur gonna have to be able to remember each of these topics and the related terminology bc that’s what the assignments/midterm focuses on! \n\nwhen i took it, i found that trying to connect the lecture material to the movie we watched in class helped, like writing a little reflection post-screening or something to practice analyzation

 Should I take CIN105Y1 as an elective?

I took CIN105 this year and ended up liking it so much that I enrolled as a Cinema Studies major. It's a really great course and the workload isn't too bad, but just be aware that while the marking is fair, it's not necessarily a class where you'll get a birdy 4.0.

 Birdy courses for 2nd year? (Winter term)

Don’t take psy200 levels as bird courses. Nothing like psy100. Many people end up with B ish grade 200or higher if you’re not prepared to study. IMM250, MGY277 (online, will be great if you’re good at pure memorization), PCL201 (Seth like that) are some of Sci birds.

 how to choose a course to NOT enroll in

it does, it's like 850 max and yeah there's tutorials

 Which classes do you think have the best/coolest people?

I can't say this with 100% confidence but I believe every class would have someone that might be best/coolest people, it just depends on befriending your fellow classmates and learning about them. Just depends on peoples' personalities.

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This is an awesome course!

My favorite BR1 course among all

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