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Principles of Microeconomics

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An introduction to economic analysis and its applications: price determination, market structure, decision making by individuals and firms, public policy. NOTE: extensive use of graphical and quantitative analysis.

 Fuck ho

What almost every single one of my friends who’s in eco101 is swearing right now

 Is ECO101 difficult without a strong math background?

ECO101 is certainly difficult, but you hardly need to know any math throughout the entire course.

 Fuck ho

I literally stared at the long answer... that’s it.

 Who finished their eco101 midterm today?


 *urgent ECO101 Curve Down

Profs are generally not allowed to curve shit down but knowing this school they probably do for first year courses. \n\nLook into the rules and contact the department that this is going on. If department doesn't give a fuck (which they won't) contact the assu? Not sure


Not for ho :’( written was exponentially worse


Short answer section was okay, but that multiple choice...Jesus Christ.

 Forgot to write my name on Bubble sheet of Eco101

Hey, I think I was the TA that collected your exam. As I think I said at the time, it's fine as long as your name is on the main booklet and you didn't rip any sheet off (as you were instructed on each exam). If you are really worried about it, as someone else mentioned, doesn't hurt to email the prof.\n\nAlso don't worry too much about that exam, it was indeed very difficult and i'd be surprised if there wasn't some linear adjustment made at the end. Though i've not been told anything specifically by the prof. Enjoy your break.


Oh screw you, gave me a heart attack lol


c'mon man how do you post bait like this and not mention what he said or did as well

 Is first year rotman commerce drop out rate insane?

There are a lot of international students at UofT. I can tell because I hear a lot of people speaking Mandarin in lecture and around campus as well. I don't know how smart they actually are though. I assume that not every international is super smart because there's a lot of sketchy tutoring services on campus that target these international students. If internationals were really all super smart, these services wouldn't exist.\n\nEdit: This was supposed to be a reply but I think I posted this as a separate comment. Sorry about that.

 ECO101 marks are up

50 on the dot. I love it when a pity curve benefits me! However I have to take 102 now....

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Do your past tests

My favorite course in the first year. Teach you a lot of common sense. I took it with Gazzale and my strategy is to do a lot of past tests to get familiar with his tricky questions.

Monday, July 13, 2020