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Effective Writing

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Practical tools for writing in university and beyond. Students will gain experience in generating ideas, clarifying insights, structuring arguments, composing paragraphs and sentences, critiquing and revising their writing, and communicating effectively to diverse audiences. This course may not be counted toward any English program.

 6 courses in the fall (science student)

I took 6 courses as a first year and def didn’t do as well as if I had 5. People say that second year is going to be a lot harder but if you have to do it for pharmacy school you’ll have to do it. Eng100 isn’t too hard either (you write a research paper) but you’ll still have to do a good amount of work. I did get into eng100 last year as a first year after being on the wait list so I think you’ll be good. People tend to drop a lot after class one so go to the class even before you get into the class.

 Summer course load.. what do you guys think?

Definitely doable. I took two courses per term in the summer (total of 4 from May-August) and I did fine. The courses do move at an accelerated pace, so be prepared to keep up with your readings and assignments ! (I ended up getting 70s and mid 80s, and I slacked a bit from time to time)

 ENG 100 level help

ENG150 was one of my favourite courses I’ve taken at UofT, extremely interesting for a first year English course and if Christopher Warley is still teaching it (I think he is) you couldn’t ask for a better prof. His essay prompts are really creative and give you a lot a space to choose what you want to write about

 Opinions on full summer course load? + some other random questions

It’s definitely manageable (albeit not easy) as long as you don’t take too many job/volunteer hours. Most classes will have around 6 hours lecture a week each + tutorials/labs. I personally took full course loads all 3 summers + work

 Which one of these courses is birdier???

Haven't taken the others but ENG100 was pathetically easy, there were 2 essays and a midterm, p much a free 4.0 if English is your first language

 Looking for reccomendations for an English course.

Your ability to do well in most English courses is going to depend on how well you can close read literary texts and write essays. 90s are pretty rare, though not unheard of. 85+ is doable, but again, you'll want to get at least an A- on all of your essays, so literary analysis and essay writing will be important. I would probably pick a course that has books you are interested in, since that will make it easier to come up with good arguments.

 Any classes that can help me improve my writing?

ENG281 is a new course that seems to fit the bill:

 Need help with switching from cs to humanities

Hello. \n\nThe person you're talking about is me! If you've read my story somewhere, either through reddit or my personal site, then you've probably come to the right guy.\n\nI'm technically not in the humanities (PSCI is considered a social science), but it's close enough tbh. I'll address quickly the questions you have on here, and if you have more questions you can either reply or PM me. \n\n> Something that's worrying me right now is that my essay writing skills are at soul theory level and humanities is all about writing essays. \n\nYou're very right in that a good proportion of evaluations within the social sciences and humanities are essay-based. Taking ENG100 would certainly help a lot. In my first year I took ENGL109 (The Waterloo equivalent of introductory \nacademic writing) and it was a nice and light course but also taught me some writing tips that I still use today. \n\n> And for humanities students, What advice would you guys give to someone in the humanities\n\nI would, as you're planning to do, explore as many subjects as possible next year. That way, you have a wide choice in picking a major that you love to do.\n\nFor more specific advice, I would need some elaboration from you. \n\n> And if anyone here has double majored in stats and humanities, how is it?\n\nOne of my colleagues, who majored in Social Development Studies, and minored in Stats, made it to the interview stage of a really cool summer internship position doing post-secondary education policy research/analysis. \n\nI was also in the interview stage. \n\nHe got the position. Feelsbad, but it was for the data analytics team so I suspect his stats background helped him a lot. \n\n\n\n

 What is considered a late start time for enrolment?

If you want to take psy100 with Dolderman you'll probably be on the wait list, but don't worry because in my experience there's always at least 200 people who drop.\n\nYou'll get in to hps100 but may not get the tutorial section you want.

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