Course: PHL245 BR 2

Modern Symbolic Logic

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An introduction to formal deductive logic. Semantics, symbolization, and techniques of natural deduction in sentential logic. Symbolization, natural deduction, and models in monadic predicate logic. Symbolization and natural deduction with polyadic predicates. Introduction to advanced concepts in first-order logic, such as operations, identity, and models.

 [RANT] (PHL245)

It's a bird course for people in Math/CS.

 List of common bogus “bird” courses

that bird biology course everyone jokes about I've heard is actually really tough. the ultimate bogus bird course.


Wait why would you CR/NCR it if your term test average is 90

 [RANT] (PHL245)

It's bird if you've taken any course covering proofs

 List of common bogus “bird” courses

idk if it’s considered one, but I took CIN105 last year and it seemed like a bunch of people took it because they thought it would be easy and you could watch movies. the guy sitting next to me at the midterm took one look at his test paper and walked out lol

 List of common bogus “bird” courses

Keep in mind that the course averages *do* include CR'd marks, which will drag it down somewhat

 PHL245 waitlist

Hahahaha no. Next time sign up for a philosophy minor (auto enrolment) so you get priority.

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User: shenyexu

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Mostly Easy

It’s generally a bird course once you learn. Some online tests are hard because it wastes time to type complex symbols

Monday, July 13, 2020