Course: PSY100 BR 2

Introductory Psychology

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A brief introductory survey of psychology as both a biological and social science. Topics will include physiological, learning, perceptual, motivational, cognitive, developmental, personality, abnormal, and social psychology.


This is like when PSY100 spends nearly a month explaining to you why psych is a real science

 Wow 😮 1st lecture I’ve been in...

I always love when truly quality profs get applause. You can see how reinvigorating it is for them to have people acknowledge the amount of work it takes to teach people they barely know for extended amounts of time a week. I’m sure a lot of their work is ultimately thankless.

 List of common bogus “bird” courses

PSY100. There is a lot of memorization involved and depending on your lecture section you have tophat you have to do. The textbook is extremely important with Denton and work Whissell everything is weighted quite heavily. I’d say you’d need to like psych to care enough to do well (coming from a psych major)

 Wow 😮 1st lecture I’ve been in...

Dan Dolerman during F 2016 PSY100 got the longest clap session I’ve heard. It was at least 2 minutes of continually clapping

 List of common bogus “bird” courses

If anyone tells you that any CLA course is bird, they lying.

 List of common bogus “bird” courses

HPS100 was straight up the worst course I took, the essay was such a pain in the ass\n\nThe material is interesting for learning in your own time (ie. watching the YouTube lectures) but taking a course on it and being graded killed all the enjoyment for me.

 Post for all incoming first years in life sci

fantastic post, couldn't have said it better myself. really provided genuine advice instead of typical cliche stuff.

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