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Introduction to Sociology I: Sociological Perspectives

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This course will challenge your views on a wide range of issues that affect us all. It will also excite your interest in a unique sociological way of understanding your world. We will analyze the globalization of culture, emerging patterns of class, race, and gender inequality in Canada and internationally, criminal and deviant behaviour, and so on. You will learn to understand these and other pressing social issues by analyzing the way the social world is organized. These topics are further taken up in the sequel to this course, SOC150: Introduction to Sociology II: Sociological Inquiries.

 Timetable Question - Is this normal for a first year Arts and Science Student? (Winter 2020)

No, it's not normal for a first year student to take courses all in one department. You should be taking the sociology courses you need as prerequisites later plus courses for your breadth requirements. Also, as the other poster says, some courses will have tutorial and/or practical (lab) sections, and you need to enrol in those too, not just the lectures.

 Timetable Question - Is this normal for a first year Arts and Science Student? (Winter 2020)

Congratulations, that schedule looks more non-existent than a UofT student’s willingness to live. Are you happy now? :(\n\nTo actually answer your question, how are you taking all second-year courses while being a first year? Everything that you’ve chosen has SOC100 as prerequisite (except SOC150). I’ll assume that you’ll take SOC100 in the fall, before taking the courses you’ve shown. You’re also missing a tutorial for SOC150.

 SOC100: does anyone else think brym is kinda problematic

about daft punk he showed us a vid of jeans commercial with a girl dancing and daft punk in the background telling us that the video is objectifying the woman and is showing the men as mindless robots. Like he didn't mention the fact that it was a band and that their whole agenda is wearing a helmet which makes me think he doesn't know the band at all.\n\nhis issue with the female unemployment was that he simply concluded that due to the islamic culture in those countries females were discouraged from working, not taking into account that majority of these countries are not capitalist regimes and consumerists like we are. Therefore families are able to survive on a signle-income. and he only took in account the muslim countries that were among the highest ranking in gender inequality index, countries like Yemen, Liberia e.t.c that are dealing with major conflicts. What about other muslim majority countries with relatively stable economies like Malaysia or Turkey?

 An anxious and confused first year: Please Help!

You can't do a minor in criminology, but you can do a major. You need to take SOC100 before SOC150 because it is a prerequisite for SOC150. For these majors you will need to take SOC100, SOC100, ECO101+ECO102 or ECO105 and MAT133, or MAT135+MATH135 or MAT137. ECO105 is easier than ECO101 + ECO102, but you require a much higher average to get into the minor. I know quite a few people who took ECO101 and all but I say they regret it. MAT 133 is the easiest of the MAT series.

 can any darling pls send me the SOC100 PowerPoint tonight 😩😩

Thanks to the word “darling,” you now have a 150% greater chance of getting what you want!

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Soc 100 review

Robert Brym , work load high. The course has potential to do alot better but the professor's attitude ruins it for me

Saturday, September 18, 2021